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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dive Center in Pattaya


Is the company legitimate?

Some dive operations are not properly licensed with the Thai government. Aquanauts has been a registered company in Thailand since 1997. You might want to ask to see the company registration if you go elsewhere. By law, the certificate must be displayed prominently in the place of business. Aquanauts is also very proud to be certified by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, or TAT. That means we adhere to the very high standards of service to tourists that TAT requires.

Is the dive center really a dive center?

Some dive operations are not really dive centers at all. Ask if they have their own facilities or if they use another dive shop's facilities. Ask if they have a rating within PADI or ANDI. Aquanauts is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center. This means we have met the requirements to prepare divers to attend and successfully complete PADI Instructor Evaluation courses. Check the PADI website to see if the dive center is actually listed there. Then you can be sure it's legitimate.

Do they have their own dive boat?

The majority of dive "shops" in Pattaya do not have their own dive boat. Most pay a fee to dive on other boats. Not only do we have our own boat, but many other dive operations dive with us. You might be promised a clean comfortable boat with great food and great service by another shop, only to end up on our boat! Not only that, it's our divemasters and staff who run the boat. This means we make the call on where the boat goes. It's our customers who have priority.

Is price your only concern?

Because of the two points made above, you will undoubtedly find lower prices from other firms. But consider this. They don't pay the overhead costs of fuel, food, insurance, boat registration, maintenance and wages. You might very well pay less, but more money goes in their pockets.

What does Aquanauts do for the community?

Aquanauts has received numberous awards from PADI for both the environment and community involvement. How can a non-PADI dive center get these awards? We often team up with other dive shops and the Thai government to help keep the beaches and dive sites clean. Have a look at this article in the Pattaya Mail newspaper written by one of our divemasters.


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