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Frequently Asked Questions About Diving


Q: Do I need to be fit to learn to dive?

A: No, as long as you can swim a bit and are reasonably confident in the water then you can scuba dive. Scuba diving is a relaxing sport, the whole idea is to take your time and take in the underwater world.

Q: Is diving difficult?

A: No, with PADI's system of education you learn at your own pace, mastering one skill at a time until you are confident. Many students are amazed how they can go from never having dived to thoroughly enjoying themselves in one swimming pool session ?

Q: What does PADI stand for?

A: PADI is the Professional Association of Dive Instructors and it is by far the largest dive agency in the world. Many of PADI's dive innovations have been adopted by other agencies. Dive with PADI the world leader in diving.

Q: Can I dive with a disability?

A: Yes, although we will require you to have a medical unless you can bring with you a signed statement from your doctor that you are fit to dive. Many disabled people are divers, with a slight adjustment in the swimming style nearly any disability can be overcome.

Q: Do we breathe pure oxygen?

A: No, this is a commonly held myth about scuba diving. You will be breathing air, normal air, that has been dehumidified and compressed.

Q: What if I don't have any dive gear?

A: No problem, Aquanauts have a full range of dive equipment for rent, in fact many courses include the rental of equipment.

Q: Can I buy my own equipment?

A: Yes, Aquanauts has a full range of dive equipment for sale often with great savings over European prices.

Q: What is the weather like in Pattaya?

A: Pattaya has three seasons, hot and dry from April to July, hot and wet from August to October and cool and dry from November to March. The cool season is also Pattaya's high season, the weather is still warm by European summer standards but not in the high thirties as it is in April. The other reason for this season being Pattaya's high season is that many people like to spend Christmas or New Year in the tropics.

Q: What is the visibility like?

A: The visibility in Pattaya is variable depending on the weather, as a general rule if it is raining in the centre of Thailand then three days later our visibility can drop to below 10 metres. On good days we can expect visibility of 20 metres.

Q: Do I have to be a PADI diver to dive with you?

A: No, as long as you have a certification card with an accredited agency then you can dive with Aquanauts.

Q: Can I cross train from another agency to PADI?

A: Yes, e-mail us with your level of certification and we'll tell what equivalent that is with PADI?

Q: What are the dive sites around Pattaya like?

A: Please see the section "Trips".

Q: What is Nitrox?

A: Nitrox is not normal compressed air but air with added Oxygen. As the oxygen level is higher then the Nitrogen level is lower this has the benefit of allowing longer dives while at depth.

Q: What is a rebreather?

A: Normal scuba diving is "open circuit" this means that when you breathe out the breath come out of the regulator and bubbles up to the surface. A rebreather is "closed circuit" your exhaled breath is taken into the rebreather and the carbon dioxide is taken out and extra oxygen is added. Then you breath the air again. Scuba diving with no bubbles !!! Read our article on the basics of rebreather diving.

Q: What is a speciality?

A: Speciality courses are courses designed to concentrate on a given diving activity. If your favourite type of diving is say wreck diving and you wish to know how to safely penetrate a wreck then the wreck diver speciality is for you. See the "speciality" section in the courses area.

Q: Will I be supervised?

A: Aquanauts have the policy of always putting a professional dive leader on the boat to provide dive briefings and to lead the dive. You and your buddy want to dive alone ? No problem, the dive leader will give you a site briefing and away you go !!


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